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The story behind the original Piña Colada

The legend of the Piña Colada dates back to the 1800’s. The tale states that the Puerto Rican ...Read More
December 17, 2018

La gastronomía está de moda y Latinoamérica anda de fiesta

Agricultores, manufactureros de alimentos, cocineros, chefs y foodies andan festejando por todo lo alto. Durante la última semana de octubre ...Read More
November 6, 2018
Canva - Colombia, Indigenous, Woman, Female, Pedestrian, Native

The Colombian restaurant you should know about but you’ve probably never heard of

Can you imagine a dish prepared with a poisonous cassava, which loses its poisonous component after days of fermentation? That ...Read More
November 5, 2018
Food tourism

Food tourism: where food & vacations meet

When we travel what better experience than feasting on their national dish? The dishes may vary with each flag, but ...Read More
October 25, 2018

Ever wonder how it’s like to eat at the best restaurant in the world?

Getting there is an adventure on its own. From Florence to Modena I had to take a taxi, two trains ...Read More
October 23, 2018

Is Mexico City Central America’s most vibrant gastronomy?

If you asked me what was the most that I liked about Mexico, the answer would be very precise and ...Read More
October 23, 2018
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