FOODIEcations [foodie + vacations] is a food tourism agency for foodies who love to travel and travel to eat.

With our food experience guidebooks, personalized foodiecations, blog posts and exclusive tools designed for foodies, we promote gastronomic experiences from around the globe with the main goal of helping you experience culture through food.

Paul Gonzalez-Mangual

(Founder & Chief FOODIEcationer)

Since a very young age Paul have been exposed to foodie vacations by his parents. At age 10, he ate at one of the top 5 steakhouses in the US and life has never been the same. Now he lives to eat and eats to live. As a foodie, he has traveled to five different continents and over fifty cities just to experiment their culture through food. He’s been lucky enough to have eaten at more than 100 of the Top Restaurants of the World and Michelin rated restaurants.

He’s love for food and traveling were the perfect combination to founding FOODIEcations, a food tourism agency for foodies like him who love to travel and travel to eat.

As an entrepreneur he has  10+ years of experience in the culinary world. Paul co-founded Cube Group Events, a Guinness World Record holder company dedicated to the production of high impact cultural and social-economic events like the Coffee & Chocolate Expo; and was a Partner and VP of Puerto Rico Gourmet Products, an award-winning distribution company of gourmet products made in the Caribbean.

Paul have also published two books (‘Extractos de mi diario’ & ‘Thankious’), has been a blogger for the local gastronomic guides Sal! and Dos Tazas, and is a monthly contributor for El Nuevo Día newspaper, is a certified SCA barista, is a certified IBA bartender, has taken courses at the Culinary Institute of America, been a speaker at TEDx and Social Media Week, among others.

El Gato Negro

(FOODIEcation’s food critic)

He is FOODIEcations’s secret weapon: an anonymous food critic who travels, eats, and tells the sometimes not-so-pretty story of his food experiences. In his 20+ years of experience in the culinary world he has worked at several restaurants, managed a few food businesses, and learned more thoroughly about the various areas around the kitchen.

El Gato Negro has traveled around long enough and has eaten his way through a lot of gastronomic experiences, from Michelin-starred restaurants to the most local hole-in-the-wall. He has tasted a lot in his nine lives, and his reviews are based on his unique perspective and personal experience; they do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the FOODIEcations team.

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