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Through our city guidebooks, curated tours, consulting services, blog posts, and exclusive tools designed for foodies, we promote gastronomic experiences from around the globe with the primary goal of helping you experience culture through food.









Paul Gonzalez-Mangual

(Founder & Chief FOODIEcationer)

If you wake up thinking about coffee. If you’re always hungry. If you’re one of those who travel to eat. Then you are a foodie at heart, like me. Since an early age, I had the opportunity to indulge in gastronomic experiences all around the globe.

My love for food inevitably intertwined with the culinary world and my professional life. In 2010, I co-founded a now Guinness World Record winning event production company; the Coffee & Chocolate Expo being one of such events celebrated for over a decade. Also, my partnership at a gourmet product distribution company of goods manufactured in the Caribbean contributed significantly with my career.

Expanding my palate and understanding the culinary world’s ins and outs through education has always been vital for me. I’m a certified barista by the Specialty Coffee Association, an accredited bartender by the International Bartenders Association, a mezcal promoter with a diplomat by Centro de Estudios sobre el Maguey y Mezcal, and had the pleasure of participating on cooking courses at the Culinary Institute of America.

Dedicating myself to exploring culinary spaces, on and off my home country of Puerto Rico, has been a great adventure and has driven me to travel to four continents and over seventy-five cities to experience their culture through food. During this gastronomic pilgrimage, I had an epiphany to combine my passion for writing, food, and travel, which led me to create the gastronomic tourism agency, FOODIEcations, in 2018.

Even more so than eating, writing has been my life’s passion, and the result has been five published books, most of them about gastronomy. Now, I share my culinary experiences through my column at SabrosíaPR, as co-host of the podcast ‘Hablemos de Comida’, and throughout my social media. With these outlets, my main objective is that everyone can understand a little more about the culture of a city or country through gastronomy.

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