FOODIEcations [foodie + vacations] is a food tourism agency for foodies who love to travel and travel to eat.

Through our city guidebooks, curated tours, consulting services, blog posts, and exclusive tools designed for foodies, we promote gastronomic experiences from around the globe with the primary goal of helping you experience culture through food.









Paul Gonzalez-Mangual

(Founder & Chief FOODIEcationer)

Do you wake up thinking about coffee? Are you always hungry? Are you one of those who travel to eat? Then you are a foodie at heart, like me. Since I was little, I have been super lucky to have the opportunity to experience, enjoy, and delight myself with gastronomic experiences from around the world. This love of food began when I was just a child, and my parents took me to one of the best steakhouses in North America. From then on, my life was never the same.

This leads me to start my professional life in the culinary world. Along with other partners, I co-founded an event production company, which since its inception, were all gastronomic events, one of them being the Coffee & Chocolate Expo. Also, for several years, I was a partner in a gourmet product distribution company of products manufactured in the Caribbean. Additionally, I have certified myself as a barista by the Specialty Coffee Association to learn more about coffee, as a bartender by the International Bartenders Association to expand the palate and have taken cooking courses at the Culinary Institute of America to understand the science behind each dish. That passion for food and travel was the perfect combination to create, in 2018, a gastronomic tourism agency called FOODIEcations.

So, throughout my life, I have dedicated myself to exploring culinary spaces on and off the island. I have had the opportunity to travel to four continents and over fifty cities to experience their culture through food. During this gastronomic pilgrimage, I have had the chance to eat in a couple dozen of the best restaurants in the world and with a Michelin classification.

More than eating, writing has been my life passion. I have written four books, being the last two about gastronomy. As of today, I share these culinary experiences through my weekly column at Sabrosía, a radio segment at Fidelity 95.7fm, and through FOODIEcations social media platforms. Through these outlets, I want to open your appetite and curiosity to explore new gastronomic experiences. In the end, my main objective is that you can understand a little more about the culture of a city or country through food.

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