Our guides are professionally curated culinary books that promotes the best restaurants, cafes, bars, events, and the BEST food experiences from around the city.

Inside each guide you will find the culinary scene information of the city, vetted lists for its top restaurants, authentic/historical places, food halls/markets, coffee shops, bars, can’t miss restaurants, vegan options, food trucks, and events.

Cities available: San Juan, Orlando, Mexico City and Medellin (coming soon).


Planning on visiting a city for the first time or just to eat? Our exclusive guided tours are curated gastronomic experiences with the objective of understand the culture of a particular city through food.

We will create a complete foodiecation package/itinerary (only 8-10 people per trip) for a city. Tours includes: a curated itinerary with all the breakfast, lunches, dinners, coffee breaks, kitchen tours, meet & greets, cocktails, exclusive events, reservations, and guided experience.


The restaurant industry is rapidly evolving, and with it, we need to tackle creative and innovative ways to attract publicity and new customers.

At FOODIEcations, we have developed a step-by-step holistic approach to innovate and execute new business ideas. We are experienced in developing new products, publishing books, creating new revenue streams, brainstorming sessions, business models, marketing strategies, and producing culinary events.


Do you wake up thinking about food? Are you always hungry? Are you one of those who travel to eat? Then you are a foodie at heart. That’s why we have created this culinary tourism agency.

Enjoying food is much more than just a hobby or a necessity. It’s a lifestyle we get to experience in diverse ways. That’s why we are developing tools and resources to make your foodiecations a more enjoyable experience each time. Stay tuned for what is coming…